1. 1975

    The seventh socioeconomic development plan (VIIe Plan) makes telephony a national priority, this is the beginning of the “Delta LP” saga, or the “telephone catch-up plan,” aimed at installing 14 million telephone lines in seven years


  2. 1992

    Following on from the corporate reforms of 1990, implementation within France Télécom of a modern human-resources management system better suited to technological developments and the services offered to customers


  3. 1995

    In order to address corporate international requirements, France Télécom, Deutsche Telekom and Sprint sign a business agreement on 22 June 1995. This alliance is cemented by the launch of a shared subsidiary, Global One

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  4. 2001

    Creation of Equant, a company resulting from the merger of Equant and Global One, in which France Télécom holds 54.2%, the new company establishes itself as the worldwide leader in IP data services for the multinational corporate market

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  5. 2018

    Three acquisitions: data, Cloud and healthcare.
    Business & Decision to strengthen data analysis and governance. Basefarm to support our cloud computing strategy in the enterprise sector. Enovacom to enrich our healthcare offer.

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  6. 2019

    Construction of the Normandie 2 green data center. Like its predecessor in Val-de-Reuil, the latest data center will be eco-efficient, resilient and secure, helping us to manage the steep growth in data hosting needs.

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